How I Plan to Keep Our House Clean in the Chaos

I’ve been talking about how much I want life to change this year… in a positive manner.

One way I want change is to keep our house clean and do it with help from others.

My first big goal is to tackle the laundry room because I feel like if that room gets done then we can go from there. Right now, the laundry room has several boxes leftover from our move and all of my craft supplies in it. Needless to say, it’s hard to even walk in there.

I also plan to divide up chores and it will look something like this:

Getting the House Clean


  • Food prep for the week

Monday: Bathroom

  • Bre has dance¬†class (home around 8:30)
  • While I’m making dinner the girls will divide up these chores: Clean and wipe off the counter (and basin), clean the mirror, clean the toilet (making sure to wipe of the bottom and the top), clean the tub, sweep, and mop bathroom and hallway

Tuesday: Living Room

  • Veah has ice skating (home around 8)
  • Dust shelves, wipe window sill, sweep, and mop (around the walk-in area too), vacuum rug

Wednesday: Bedrooms and laundry

  • Work in their respective bedrooms, making sure everything is picked up and wiped down. Sweep and mop
  • Laundry should be caught up tonight, if needed
  • Wash and dry bed sheets

Thursday: Free Day

Friday: Make grocery list for next week

Saturday: Clean kitchen and dining room

  • After breakfast: dishes, clean out refrigerator (double checking to see if we have things on the grocery list or if anything needs to be used soon)- deep clean every other week, on opposite weeks- deep clean oven, dry all dishes and put away, clean off counters, sweep and mop kitchen.
  • Clean off and wipe down table, wipe down game shelf, sweep and mop dining room
  • Go grocery shopping

Daily Chores

  • Dishes
  • Laundry
  • Sweep kitchen
  • Make beds

My Final Thoughts

Washing Dishes, Soap, Sink, Bubbles, Child, Housework

I used to have Saturday as a “free day” but since we are so busy with Bre and I both doing dance (I now teach on Thursdays) and Veah in ice skating on Tuesdays and private lessons every other Friday, it makes more sense to get it the kitchen and dining room clean early on Saturday and then go on about our merry way.

What I want to point out before signing off is that housework can seem overwhelming but when “put on paper”, it’s not that bad. We just need to plan our work and work our plan. I’ll keep you up-to-date on how the Taylor household is doing!

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