How I Plan to Cut Back on Our Grocery Spending and Improve the Quality of Our Food

I decided a while ago that this blog would be more of a journal for me. I hope you get inspiration from my journal as well.

One of the big things I want to do in 2019 is to change our food situation.

Don’t get me wrong- we are by no means going hungry and I am not going to take us from a meat and potatoes family to one that eats nothing but vegetables (although, I do love me some veggies!).

Grocery Budget Goal

To start, my husband wants me to keep our grocery budget to below $100 a week for the four of us. Typically this is not an issue but with the holidays and extra people at our house, the last two weeks have been over $150. No complaining but you have to admit, if it can be brought down, it should.

I also want the food we eat to be of the best quality. And that varies from person to person in my house. For example, my husband likes Jimmy Dean Maple Sausage. The oldest and I don’t like store brand sausage but prefer the meat made by a local farmer here in town (Side note: Maybe I’ll make a list of where I am going to purchase our goodies later this year). Little Bit doesn’t like that texture of sausage at all.

How to Get There

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  • Using the sausage example to form a solution, I will still purchase sausage for hubby at the grocery store, cut it into quarters and freeze the other 3/4; therefore, cutting the budget down by $9 a month because he’s the only one eating it. I will purchase one or two pounds from our local farmer every month (out of my own pocket) for the oldest and I. Bre, well she can go hungry. LOL. Just Kidding, she just won’t get meat that morning. Goal to start this: January 18
  • Eggs are a big thing in our house. We went grocery shopping on Saturday and by Wednesday were out of our dozen and a half. Hubby eats them for breakfast most mornings I am here to make it, along with his meat and, typically, another side. Plus, I bake occasionally as well. My goal here is to barter scraps for eggs with a teacher friend of mine. Price just went down on eggs, saving us anywhere from eight to ten dollars a month, if not more when we eat eighteen in a few days! Goal to start this: January 11
  • I want to stop buying milk from the store as well and go to purchasing it at the farm near my work. I’ve bought from there before and it’s definitely not the two dollar gallon milk you get at the store. One of my favorite quotes from Food, Inc. is from Troy Roush who states “You have to understand that we farmers, we’re gonna deliver to the marketplace what the marketplace demands. If you want to buy $2 milk, you’re gonna get a feedlot in the backyard. It’s that simple. People have got to start demanding good, wholesome food of us. And we’ll deliver. I promise you. We’re very ingenious people. We’ll deliver.” It’s time I start putting my wallet where my mouth is. Goal to start this: January 25
  • Although I don’t think it’s the end of the journey, my last big step, for now, is to start and maintain a garden over the next year. This will help out tremendously after the initial investment. Even the starting cost won’t be too bad. Three dollars for a dozen seeds of peppers that will produce probably more than we will eat- consider me sold! Goal to start: early February

My big goal here is to share my failures and triumphs along the way. Will you join me? What are your food goals?

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